The Creative Process

Telling a good story takes honesty. It takes time and thoughtful execution. It means before a word is ever spoken, plenty of time has been spent listening and learning. It takes creativity, but it also takes organization and planning. These are my tools for visually telling your story.

Obviously the process will vary based on the complexity of your project, and this is primarily tailored to the creation of a brand or identity. That being said, much of this process can also apply to lettering and print designs.

step one: learning

First, you'll fill out this questionnaire so I can read about you and your ideas and learn about what makes your story specific and personal. The more information you share, the better foundation for building upon. We can even schedule a time to chat via phone or video call so we can really get to know each other. In many ways, this learning phase is one of the most important steps. Extra time spent here always pays off.

step two: research & brainstorming

Next, you and I will both do our homework, researching and getting inspired! I've found the best way to collaborate is to create a private mood board with you on Pinterest, pinning ideas that are and are not in line with the vision — knowing what to avoid is just as helpful to me as knowing what to emphasize. From that mood board, I will pull color palettes, moods, imagery, & words, and jump in my sketchbook with a clear direction.


step three: fleshing it all out

After a few pages of sketching and exploring various ideas, I will round up around 3-5 of the best concepts and shoot them your way. From those, you'll choose 1 or 2 for me to take to the computer. I typically don't like exploring more than a couple because more options often means more distractions. We will want to refer to the mood board every step of the way to ensure the original message isn't lost or misguided as we move forward.

step four: editing & finalizing

From the latest concepts, we'll choose one to focus on and, once approved, I'll refine and finalize. I'll also get to work on additional materials that appropriately support your story and audience. From custom patterns to websites, packaging to stationery, I've got you covered. I'll top it all off with a custom brand book that will break down your brand values and show you how to effectively use everything in your brand arsenal.

Investing in Your Story


Each project is quoted individually for specific needs, but full packages start at $500 and include the following:

  • A primary logo with alternate logo marks

  • Patterns & textures for both print and web use

  • Font and styling suggestions

  • Marketing pieces (biz cards, social media icons, etc)

  • Brand Book

My goal as a designer is to be as accessible and helpful as I can be, so if you have a more limited budget, we can discuss a la carte pricing. Just contact me at

print design & lettering

Depending on the project's complexity and timeframe, prices range from $50-150 for the following:

  • Custom lettering pieces

  • Invitations (front or double-sided)

  • Business cards or other marketing materials

  • T-shirt design

  • Posters

  • Custom illustrations

Even if it's not listed, don't hesitate to ask me about your idea!

Ready to work together?