Have you ever been a part of a dinner party with family or friends, and everyone is laughing and smiling and sharing stories of years gone by? There are dishes of food spread across the table, savory, mouth-watering aromas in the air, the sound of forks scraping plates, and the warm feeling of fellowship flooding over everyone. 

Or maybe you've been around a fire, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, kept warm by love and fire alike though the air is crisp and cool. Guitars are strumming, flames are flickering, and hearts are overflowing with contentment and joy. Inevitably, someone starts telling a story — it may be an old memory or a funny faux pas from that day. It's how we communicate events and ideas. It's effective, and it brings people together by sharing in an experience.

These nights and the stories they hold tend to stay with me.  Sometimes they cause me to pause and ponder and process the world around me, or they make me laugh with every retelling. They may even change a decision or the course of my day — they're influential. I have discovered that, to be effective, design should be influential too.

What a storyteller does with words, I strive to do with color, line, and form. With thought and care, I create a memorable experience through the often unspoken conversation of design.

All designs speak. Sometimes they yell, like the mother telling her family dinner is ready. Sometimes they whisper, like the child sharing a secret with her friend. Sometimes the message is so well-spoken that you're emotionally moved. Yet other times, unfortunately, a design can say all the wrong things. My goal in designing is to tell a story, effectively communicating what is necessary to explain the narrative, but also mindfully leaving out anything that would distract or confuse (Remember when your uncle tried telling a joke at Christmas but no one got it because they were too focused on the spinach stuck in his teeth?).

Whether I'm branding a small business, designing a newsletter for a missionary, or creating a print to hang in a nursery, there is always a larger story involved. Behind every piece, there are people with dreams and ideas and stories, every one unique and awesome. I can't wait to hear yours.

Pass the marshmallows?



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