"Branding" is just design jargon for visually telling a story that engages and connects a specific audience with the narrator.

Whether it's a logo or product packaging, every branding decision made is an effort to tell the world who you are and what you do. Creating an identity that is memorable is what gives life to the message of the company's goods or services.


rose occupational therapy

Lora Rose Buth is an Occupational Therapist with a dream of starting her own practice. After seeing how the shortcomings of the healthcare industry affect those in great need, she now has a vision of creating an environment of care and holistic health for her clients. Whether it’s through incorporating animal-assisted therapy or looking at the big picture of a child’s actions through behavioral therapy, Lora seeks to use her knowledge to encourage those who need help with various skills.

This logo communicates a sense of calm and stability. The sharp points of the letterforms allude to the “thorns in the flesh” felt by those with ailments requiring therapy. Rose OT seeks to lessen this pain and bring about an increase in the fullness of life. A hand-drawn blooming rose symbolizing life and health makes for the perfect accompanying icon.

Hollyhock homes

Husband/wife duo Amanda and Ben had a dream to take overlooked, underwhelming houses and inject life and soul back into them, creating dream homes for their clients. It all started with the renovations made on their own home that quickly turned into a passion.

Their name is appropriate, since the hollyhock flower prefers impoverished earth to grow deep roots into and will actually live a longer lifespan if the ground hasn’t been fertilized. This flower is beautiful, tall, and strong in the midst of poor conditions, and it represents fruitfulness and ambition. HH is a modern yet homey brand that is clean and yet filled with life.

Within designing their brand I illustrated the flower, created their custom logotype, and designed their website

My cup of teach

My Cup of Teach is the brainchild of Rebecca Cedillo: a writer, teacher, and mama. Rebecca is a sought-out educator who has a knack for teaching, especially reading and writing. Through writing children’s books, blogging, conducting workshops and classroom visits, and writing lesson plans, Rebecca wears many hats in order to share her educational expertise.

MCoT is a youthful, inviting brand that reflects Rebecca’s expertise and various offerings as a gifted writer and educator. What do you see: a teacup with tea splashing (from adding milk, no sugar, thanks), or an apple with a worm crawling down the side into the shadows? 

View all of Rebecca's amazing offerings here.

Premier finishings of tennessee

Brad McKee is the visionary for this home remodeling company specializing in cabinetry, painting, flooring, and other high-end finishings.

PFoT is a more luxurious brand, yet still grounded and accessible. They pride themselves on their smooth process and speed, so to communicate this I made a logo that is connected and integrated. The icon itself can be used in many ways, and will easily be applied to t-shirts, hats, and other marketing materials. The mixed fonts combine professionalism with an approachable feel, since they are a local family-run business.

Nashville's own

Nashville's Own is a series of documentary videos that celebrate the individual artist and the artistic community in the thriving city in Tennessee. Andrew Yontz is the heart behind the camera, an artist himself. His signature is stylistically written on every one of these videos.

When brainstorming for this logo, I knew I wanted it to be a custom script, like a signature, to show the humanity of the artists being filmed, as well as Andrew himself. The monogram includes the initials of the project, but also alludes to the cyclical pattern of both an artist's process, and the ups and downs of life – both are common themes seen in the short films.

You can view Andrew's love letters to his city here.

Gospel grown

I'm so excited to see everything Jonny will produce under this umbrella brand of Gospel Grown. The spiral icon was used because it's simple and memorable, it could easily be applied in the context of a children's book [which is one goal!], and it communicates the subliminal message of the so-called "hermeneutical spiral" involved in reading Scripture that relates the parts of Scripture to the whole.

As Christians, our interpretation can be symbolized as a spiral, but our understanding should become more distinct the harder we work. This side of heaven, at best, we still see in a mirror dimly, but we are endlessly growing and moving closer to fuller understanding of the "knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."

Overall, this brand is fresh, friendly, and clean.

good resume co.

This new career services company from the mind of Ben Hussung needed a hip, trendy, and clean brand. GRCo is professional, but not corporate — it's youthful and innovative. The minimal color and design alludes to the simple process, and even the black and white of a standard printed résumé or cover letter.

If you need help snagging an interview for your dream job with a new résumé, cover letter, or even LinkedIn profile, visit their site and get started.