Passionate about beautiful things.

And peanut butter.


I've been made a wife by Alex, [my coffee connoisseur and the best Papa], a mom by our sweet kiddos Emmy and Elliott [who I promise really do smile], and a righteous new creation by Jesus [Philippians 3]. Currently, we live in Louisville, Kentucky, but our hearts long for the Emerald Isle.

Design has always been a large part of my life in one way or another.

My father, a mechanical engineer, really encouraged my artistic journey from a young age. He bought me drawing supplies and books, and we would sketch together on napkins at restaurants as we waited for our food. I loved his expressive line work and envied his ability to draw so effortlessly.

By high school, I was carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere I went, drawing anytime I could. Although drawing is a creative activity, I definitely inherited my father's analytical mind, which I think helps me create with intention and observe the details in what's around me. Alex jokes that our kids will never call anything "red" or blue," because I will have taught them what "burgundy" and "cerulean" are. I laugh when he jokes, but I think details like that are important. It's easy to say that a rose is red, but is it really? If it were, it would be flat and simple and uninteresting. The details matter to me because they communicate the beauty and story in what would otherwise be overlooked or unseen.

Just like the design world continues to evolve, I never want to stop growing and learning – as a designer or as a person.

Most days you'll find me coordinating communications at Immanuel Baptist [my FT job], drawing on my iPad, practicing my hand-lettering, cooking a new recipe, mom-ing it up, enjoying time with my husband over coffee, and/or reading a book about art or theology.


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  • Favorite things: the sound and smell of rain, wildflowers, sunsets, a cozy blanket and a captivating novel, thrifting, my church, traveling, documentaries, libraries/bookstores, friends around my dinner table, warm chocolate chip cookies, crisp autumn days, waking up to snowfall

  • Peanut butter connoisseur

  • Art book-collector

  • Night owl [wannabe morning person]

  • Mountains > beach

  • ISFJ-T / 6w5


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