Passionate about beautiful things.

And peanut butter.



I'm Lindsey: a designer & artist with a love for lettering & illustration. I've been made a wife by Alex, a mom by Emilee, and a new creation by Jesus.

Currently, I live in Louisville, Kentucky with my husband [a coffee connoisseur who is my road-tripping, caffeine-crawling, and dream-chasing partner for life], our daughter, and our son [due to arrive Christmas of '17].

Design has always been a large part of my life in one way or another.

My father, a mechanical engineer, really encouraged my artistic journey from a young age. He bought me drawing supplies and books, and we would sketch together on napkins at restaurants as we waited for our food. I loved his expressive linework and envied his ability to draw so effortlessly.

By high school, I was carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere I went, drawing anytime I could – during class, on vacation, on the bus to band competitions [yeah, yeah. I know], you name it. I definitely have my father's analytical-brain and work to create designs that are intentional, relatable, and approachable, allowing the viewer to have a connection with the piece.

Other than my dad, I've been greatly inspired by Danny Gregory, Jessica Hische, and van Gogh. 

Most days you'll find me practicing my hand-lettering, cooking a new recipe, mom-ing it up, enjoying time with my husband over coffee, and/or reading a book about art or theology.

Just like the design world continues to evolve, I never want to stop growing and learning – both as a designer and as a person.